About Us

Premium business services fulfils the dreams of every investor for setting up a business within twenty four hours. Our premium service will help entrepreneurs to start a business when they “wake up” and “be the owner” of their fully set up registered company by the time they call it a day. All this ten times faster than a normal service and with an assurance from our business experts. Establish your business in a tax free environment and at a place that has the fastest growing economy. Witness a significant growth in business with 100% ownership in Dubai - a hassle free destination to register your company.

About the founder

Mr.Saeed is a veteran in the business consulting industry across Middle-east. He is a seasoned business consulting specialist with over two plus decades of rich and diverse industry experience. Starting his career in 1999, he has helped incorporate over 1600+ businesses, serviced to about 2500 clients in which 700 of them went onto become business giants. Possessing a collaborative leadership style, he has influenced hundreds of entrepreneurs and businessmen take the right decision with regards to their business setup. Being trustful and reliable in nature, he has got almost all of his clients through referrals from his successes.

His idea is to bring about digital transformation through technological advancement and implementation is one of the major step in starting this venture. To create something unique and challenging in the business world for investors, businessmen and entrepreneurs was the idea that got transformed into Premium Business Service.


To be number one mobile business setup company across UAE and make
an entrepreneur’s dream come true.

Why we are unique:

  • Time is precious: In this fast paced world, when everyone is running behind some or the other urgent matters, our idea is to help people hustle and save time. Whether it be well settled businessmen or just investors looking to spread their business or fledging entrepreneurs, we value their time and don’t want to waste their energy in smaller matters like starting a business set up or finding office space and its other paper works. 

  • Unique and one of a kind- In the heavily competitive business set up industry, we provide completed business license in your mail within 24hours. This is including documentation, paperwork and other related services done for you in 24hours and that is our promise. From the time you land, you can count the hours it takes for your license to reach your inbox and we guarantee you it will be within 24hours.

  • Technology Advancement - With digital transformation happening in UAE and Dubai going paperless soon, we believe technological advancement is the need of the hour, so through our efforts in this idea we make sure businessmen coming to Dubai start their business from Day 1. 

  • To entrepreneurs who dare to take a step further in pursuing their belief, premium business services get your business – ready within 24hours. Make a responsible choice and make yourself proud. We’re just a smart investment away.

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